Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Monday's Trip to the Nature Center

Yesterday I took the boys to a new place I recently discovered through a local photographer I met at a craft show.
The Ansonia Nature Center to be exact. They had a little bit of everything for us. A nice playground for Camden to climb and play on. A beautiful pond for us to take a mini hike around, and all kinds of creatures for us to take a peak at including two bunnies they had right inside their main building (where we picked up the calendar of upcoming events)

As we were walking around the lake, I saw a covered picnic type area, and of course I had to take some pictures.

Camden enjoying our walk. This was right before we saw the chipmunk. I think that was the highlight of the walk for him.

The lake we walked around.

Camden on the playground. He had a blast! There were two little boys, twins Brandon and Cooper that played with him. They were about 4-5 months older then him.

Sorry for the lack of pictures of Ben. He was on my back in the Ergo making it slightly more difficult to take pictures of him. LOL!
We had a great time, and we certainly will be going back there all summer now that we have been there and know exactly where it is.

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La Familia Garcia said...

Those are beautiful pictures! And your boys are soo cute!
Welcome from SITS!