Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Killing Two Birds with One Stone

Sunday I had an article deadline of 6pm on the new Motorcycle law in Connecticut. So I thought, what better of an opportunity than to head over to the Bike Blessing my parents were going to and get some quotes and input from local motorcycle riders about the law.
Will & I packed the kids up and headed over to West Haven for our adventure. Camden was in his GLORY with all the Motorcycles! He has never seen so many at one time, in one place. He was amazed!

Mom with BenDad's Bike with some others.

There were a lot of Red Knights there, so it was only fitting that there would be tons of firefighting paint jobs on bikes.

Maybe some day Will & I will have a bike of our own, but it won't be any time soon!
Overall it was a great time, working and having fun at the same time. Article should be up sometime this week, so once it is up I will post about it. Easy pay day for me!

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