Monday, May 10, 2010

Mothers Day

Yesterday was Mothers Day. I really don't buy into Hallmark Holidays like this, but I enjoyed spending time with my boys, husband, and my mother. I wrote a blog post on my other blog Momotics yesterday about my mother, and my love for her. I thought I would share it over here too.

BTW, for mothers day I got to sleep in, a Giant Passion Tea Lemonade from Starbucks (my fav), a cute musical card, and I ordered my new enV touch from Verizon that should be here tomorrow.
I am retiring my blackberry!

I call this post, I Love My Mother!

I think that many of us mothers do not appreciate our own mothers until we become mothers ourselves. Which brings me to my post today. I never think I really appreciated (well on the level I should have) until I really understood how much mothers give up for their own children.

My mother has an amazing story to tell of success as not only a teen mother, but a single mother which started in 1969 with the birth of my oldest brother. When he was 21 months old my sister was born in 1971. Shortly after my mother left her then husband, and started a rough journey as a single mother. Which she remained until the early 1980’s when she met my father. After sleepless nights, working three jobs at one time, and no help from her own mother like one would expect this day in age in her situation. She eventually after all the hard work and struggling owned her own successful bar/restaurant in Lordship directly on the water at what is now called “The Sea Wall” which was called Pop’s. Also where she met my father who had just returned from living for almost a decade in California, and returned home to where he grew up.

My father was a brave man, single mother, with two teens. Most guys today would not even think twice and run the other way. They fell in love, and I was born in June of 1985, followed by their wedding in August of 1985. We were all one big family. As I was growing up my mother became a stay at home mother for the first time in her life. She was able to stay at home with me and always be included in the school functions, and whatever else I decided to sign myself up for as I got older.

In 1996 my mother became a Grandmother for the first time to Dylan, who she has always called her “boyfriend” and he continues to be a Grandma’s boy. It wasn’t until he was born that I realized how dedicated she is not only to her own children, but to her grandchildren also. Dylan was followed by Eli, Theo, and then came Camden in 2007. Followed by Jacob in early 2008.

When I became pregnant with my first child, my mother went from being my mother, to my best friend. We went to lunch together weekly, which was always followed by some kind of baby shopping, OB/GYN appointment, ultrasound, registry, baby shower planning, or whatever other baby planning event needed to get done that week. She helped me decorate his nursery, pick out his crib, clothes, and all the adorable clothes. She planned and hosted my baby shower, and has been the worlds best Grandmother to my children. We always job with her that Ben is her fault. She had purchased Camden a long sleeve shirt to put under whatever he was wearing for the day, and the shirt said “I’m the Big Brother” well that month Ben was conceived. LOL!

I could not ask for a better example as a mother (as most of our family calls her Martha Stuart) and Grandmother for my children. She is always the first to step up and help out, the first to the rescue when I need her, the first at the hospital when the kids were born, and the first one to offer a helping hand when she sees me up to my eyeballs in laundry, stress, or dishes.

I love you Mom!
Happy Mother Day!

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