Friday, July 2, 2010

When Did I Become THAT Woman?

You ever see that woman in the grocery store? You know the one I am talking about... At least two kids with her, causing a scene... Crying hit, one throwing a tantrum, another clearing the shelves, and another throwing in cookies and ice cream to the cart when the Mom is trying to deal with the other kids?

I felt like that woman today, and I think I had the most embarrassing moment of my motherhood THUS far.

Friday is pay day, and I figured instead of dragging Will out tomorrow or Monday to do our family grocery shopping, I would just bring the kids once Ben woke up from his morning nap. Simple enough? I have done it a million times! It is the prime time of the day to get things done with the kids.

Off I went to Shoprite for our essentials, then I was going to head over to Wholefoods. Well I was stopped dead in my tracks in the Produce section. You know? Right when you walk into the store! I picked up some Strawberries, and a pepper and headed to the Deli counter for Will's lunch stuff, and a pasta salad I have to make for a picnic on Sunday and it was HYSTERICS between the two kids. Like they were taken over by some kind of demonic force.

I was FLOORED! What had gotten into them?!??!
They are NEVER like this in public. EVER!

I was BEYOND embarrassed. Embarrassed would probably be the lightest possible term I would use for that situation. I promptly gave the woman behind me my deli number, put my strawberries and pepper back, and out the door I went. Hysterical toddler holding my hand, and screaming baby on my hip.

I couldn't get back to the car fast enough. All the stares in the parking lot. All the cries from the kids. I stopped and looked at myself from the outside and thought...

"When did I become that mother?"

OMG! I am beyond embarrassed. I called Will on his lunch break hysterically crying from the parking lot of the grocery store still in disbelief that actually happened.

Who are these children and when do I get MY kids back??

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chad * kaity * kami * truffy said...

Oh no Danielle...that sounds terrible. I am dreading that day too! I hate not feeling in control! My sisters say after awhile you loose all pride and don't get embarrassed anymore...I guess we'll see lol

ps. hopefully it was just an off day and they don't make a habit of that behavior:-)