Thursday, September 16, 2010

16 Month Check In

Tomorrow Benjamin will be 16 months old. Wow! Where does time go?
So we have a ton of new developments in the past month, so I figured I would just list all the cool new things he is doing and has accomplished!

  • He is now WALKING! I mean FULLY walking. Getting up, and going. Not holding onto the table or various items... walking on his own!
  • His new word is Doggie... It is SO cute! Especially when he sees Sox & Fenway... he says DOGGIE! So smart!
  • Eating like a champ! He eats everything in sight. Literally! One day last week I made three grilled cheeses. One for him, one for Camden, and one for myself... He ate all of his, and a triangle off of Camdens!
  • He recognizes people and can name some of us. Dada, Mama, Lala... all the people he sees frequently. Next I see Ole and Momo being added to the vocab!
I couldn't be more proud of my little man. He has made such amazing strides in the past couple months. And is almost fully up to where he should be for his age range. Birth to Three has been so amazing, and I absolutely LOVE our therapist!!

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