Monday, February 21, 2011

The Dogs...

It seems like the past month, our dogs have lost any ounce of common sense and training they ever had. We went through two new garbage cans because they continue to knock them over no matter what we do... and just lost all their home training.

So I decided it was time to bring back the crates. When we first got Sox as a puppy, we crate trained him. When we would go out, or go to bed for the night, in the crate he went. He would cry, but most puppies do in the beginning. He eventually got used to it.

Then we got Fenway, and didn't opt for a second crate. She would share his some nights by choice, because she always wanted to curl up with him as puppy... but as they got older they just got more interested in things like my couch or a certain corner in the kitchen by the heater.

Yesterday while Ben napped, and Will did some household chores, I took Camden to the pet store, and we got the dogs some new stuff, including a second crate. New mats for the crates, new toys, and of course treats to make the crates "happy places" and not someplace they associate with punishment or bad thoughts.

Fenway hanging out before bedtime after a long play session with the kids.

Sox still has that innocent puppy look in his face that he had as a new little guy too... How sweet does he look there?

Overall, our first night crating the dogs again went AWESOME. No crying dogs, no accidents, no issues what so ever. We got up at 6:30am and went outside, and then I left them out while I went back to sleep till Ben got up about an hourish later.
Again, no accidents, no garbage incidents, and they actually went into their crates on their own with the doors open to sleep. I think this is really going to be the ounce of sanity I need when it comes to the issues we have been having with them.

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