Sunday, February 20, 2011

Never a Dull Moment...

I think my house is simply becoming comical at this point... This morning was... rough to say the least, but amusing... so I could at least keep my sense of humor.

Ben somehow got out of the one piece PJ onesie type thing I had him in, because his newest favorite trick is taking his clothes off and running around naked, literally... no diaper... nothing. Just in the buff. Well this morning in the matter of... maybe 45 second that I went into the kitchen to fill cups for them, he took his outfit off, diaper went with it, and he was on the run... naked.

Luckily for me he ran to their bedroom so I could prep a diaper and some clothes, but not before he was able to pee all over the side of a rubbermaid container I had in there with their spring clothes. Story of my life right? I am always cleaning up some kind of puddle... Pee, juice... whatever else they can come up with...

But anyways... onto other things!
Last night we joined my best friend Kaitlyn, and her husband Chad, and their daughter Kami for dinner out at our fav On the Border. Well, let me re-phrase that one. Kaitlyn & I's fav. I think our husband's simply tolerate it to humor is at this point. Needless to say, 4 adults, and 3 kids was a fun time. I kinda felt bad for our waitress, but I guess it is just par for the course. LOL!
It was a great time!

And today marks 29 weeks. Wow! Time has really flown by in this pregnancy and I am starting to slightly freak out. I have exactly 10 weeks until this baby comes. That means 70 days... And when you put it in terms like that... it is not a lot at all. I am really starting to annoy/bother Will to help me get the nursery finished, especially after my Ikea shopping spree this past week.

I also have really been slacking on my 365 photo project big time. The last update was Wednesday the 15th... so one of my goals is to catch up. If I don't catch up soon, I am never going to catch up. Ever!

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