Monday, June 20, 2011

Father's Day

We had an amazing Father's Day yesterday! I took a ton of pictures... even though the boys really wanted nothing to do with their pictures getting taken for once. I think they are starting to get to that age now. Which makes me sad because I love doing pictures of them!

We spent the day with my parents at their house, and the boys had a blast! Camden is already asking when he can go back of course because he has his fleet of fire trucks at Grandma's house.

Ben in one of the many fire trucks. He parked it "back at the fire house"
Addie going to town on her handburgers which is one of her new favorite things to do!
Another handburger shot
Camden overcoming the fact that he hates water on his head/face. Thank god because bath time has been getting quite dramatic because of this!I love this picture because Addie is looking right back at Grandma. Priceless!

And then here she is deep in thought... More with Camden and the water. The only time I could really get pictures of him was when he truly wasn't paying attention to what I was doing with the camera!
Just another one of Addie I love!That pink thing in his hands is a Minnie Mouse alarm clock that hasn't worked in probably a decade. It was mine when I was in elementary school and the boys love the thing! I guess my parents REALLY got their money worth on that one!

I got him to look for this one because I told him he needs to show the "Fellas" at the fire house HIS fire trucks!

I love this one, although she had the sun in her eyes and was squinting a little bit!
Grandma and Addie again... I love her hair in this one. She certainly got my exotic bird hair as we call it in our house.And this is how Camden lined everything up in the backyard before we left for the day.
Ben was more interested in eating the toy camera than pretending he was taking pictures of me as I was taking pictures of him. LOL
Addie wasn't really amused about being on the grass even though she was on a blanket!

Grandpa and Addie
Daddy and Addie... Because Will hid from my camera ALL day too!

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VERY cute photos! *love Addie in that headband*